Saturday, February 25, 2012

Old Scout

Old Scout produced by Smooth Ambler in West Virginia was the bourbon du jour last night at Casa De Angelis. I found this in one of my local liquor stores. It has hand written on the label, aged 5 years, bottled 10/24/2011 and it is from batch number one. One thing I noticed first was it was aged 5 yrs but the company was established in 2009. Hmmm. So here is what I thought.

First you must know I always drink my bourbon straight, nothing but glass. Once in awhile I will have a bourbon and coke or ginger, but that is with the cheap stuff. This is my first review and I promise they will get better. I am not a writter, so have patience.

The nose of this bourbon had a warming feel to it, also you could smell the wood and alcohol. It was a good caramel amber color in the bottle and in the glass. I was thinking this was going to be a tasty treat.

Ok now for my first taste. At first I was disappointed. It had a good smooth burn, not too hot but just about right. But the taste was odd, I couldn't quite figure it out, then I realized this has a high level of rye. That explained the floral taste along with the oak and vanilla. Being 99 proof helps this bourbon pop. The more I sipped this the better it got. I decided to try it with an ice cube. That made a huge difference for me.

Over all I feel this was an decent bourbon for their first outing. They did not make this themselves, it was purchased so they can get their name out while we wait for their own stuff. I eagerly await their first batch of their own brew. I do believe that it was slightly over priced where I got it, $42, so for that I feel it didn't live up to the price. I have since seen it online for less.

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