Friday, March 30, 2012

Tonight is a night for Redemption!

Ok, today I decided that I wanted to try one of these Redemption whiskey's. Today I bought Redemption High-Rye Bourbon. I have wanted to try more rye's and just haven't jumped. So here we go.

Batch number 016, bottle 1043

This bourbon has 38.2% rye, 1.8%barley malt and 60% corn and this is 92 proof.

Nose - this has a nice smell, a little spice and woody.
First taste - you can really taste the rye, this is a smooth warm bourbon with a light feel. The burn is very minimal and the finish is clean and refreshing.
Appearence - this has a slightly lighter color then what I usually enjoy.

Final note - this is a great bourbon and it is under $30. I think this is not for the novice because of the strong rye taste, but fo rthose of us who truely enjoy our bourbon, i believe this will be enjoyed.


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