Sunday, April 15, 2012


Tonight I am trying something different. It is a new whiskey from Tennessee Spirits Company. They are a new distiller. This is one of three products they currently have. This is a smooth customer that could be good for your everyday drink. It has a good Tennessee whisky taste. Different from my usual bourbons, but it is a nice change. This feels good going down. Not too much burn and a nice lingering aftertaste. This was around $27 and for me I think this was a good buy.

This is a new company so they are not yet able to release their own whiskey, this is from an unknown distiller, but they have picked a good one. This will remain what they intend to produce for their own. I understand they have a well known distiller to help produce a top quality whisky. I will be interested to find out more about this one. I will be sending them and email to see if I can get more info on their other products. Stay tuned.

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