Thursday, May 17, 2012

Knob Creek
Purchased In CT on May 16, 2012 for $39.00

This is a very enjoyable bourbon. Aged 9 years, this is produced in limited quantities. Knob has an exceptional taste, lots of sweet vanilla, caramel, and nice and oaky. This is produced at 100 proof and for being that strong this is a very smooth drinker.

As you know I enjoy mine without ice typically. I feel you get an honest taste, nothing that could change how it was produce to taste. From time to time I may add a cube of ice, but not without trying it straight first. In the past I was not always one to grab a Knob Creek, but tonight it was calling me. And I am glad I answer the call. This had just the right amount of everything you would ask for in a bourbon. And tonight it really hit the spot.

I like the way it is bottled in a square bottle. Something about that shape gives me a feeling I am drinking something that has been around awhile. It has an old school look and feel to it.

This is a great bourbon for those looking to have what god wanted us to have when bourbon was placed on this earth. If you are new to bourbon, I think you could handle this one. It is strong and will catch up to you if you’re not careful, but it is also very smooth.

This is a must have.

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