Friday, June 22, 2012

The Knot
Irish Whiskey
100 proof
Purchases for $21 on Cape Cod

So I was in the packy last weekend while visiting my mother on the cape and I came across this very bourbon looking Irish whiskey. I read the back label and it sounded like a challenge. SO I bought it.

"By cracking this seal of The Knot you accept that drinking is never to be taken lightly and promise to act in a responsible fashion -- not like some blithering idiot. You promise to drink The Knot straight up in a proper shot glass, rather than mixing it in some sort of novelty, tiny umbrella, fruit fiasco. And finally, you vow that you will never drink to anything that you are not prepared to go through with. If, in any way, you are not willing to abide by these conditions, by all means, please refrain from opening this bottle."

 I intended on taking it back home and trying it there with friends, but as the night progressed I decided that it would be good to share with my brothers and brother in laws. So since we were all parting I decided to crack it open. To my surprise it was sweet. I expected it to have that Irish whiskey taste, but it was more of a vanilla, caramel like taste. It wasn’t so sweet that you could not drink more than a small glass, because we finished the bottle. The good news is that we all felt fine the next day, so even though it is sweet, it isn’t overly sweet that it would cause a head ache.

If you look at the bottle it actually doesn’t say whiskey anywhere, so I am not sure if it is really a whiskey or more like a sweetened whiskey made to enjoy after dinner or in your coffee. This would be a good drink for beginners or women who do not like the strong taste of whiskey or bourbon since it was very smooth and easy to drink.

I think I would buy this again to have around. Not sure if it would be something I would drink every day but it was worth the $21.

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