Monday, August 20, 2012

Michter's Small Batch

Michter’s Small Batch 91.4 proof, $39

Michter’s American Whiskey Co. Bardstown, Kentucky

I went out to the store the other day to pick up some beer and my next bottle of bourbon to try and I decided that I would try the Michter’s. I have seen it and thought about it a few times but just never pulled the trigger. Nothing really exciting about the why I bought it. Just that it was something I have yet to try. When I cracked it open I got a nice whiff of the bourbon. I poured it into my glass and gave it a good sniff. This has a strong nose to it. There was a definite grainy oakyness and a bit of a spicy bite. So far so good. On my initial taste I could tell this was different. It was a bit spicier then a lot of the others I like. At first I wasn’t so sure it was for me. I decided to try a couple cubes of ice. This made a big difference. I think it softened the spice a bit and brought out the barrel flavor more. This has a bit of a sweet end to it. That was a pleasant surprise because of the spiciness.

Over all I have enjoyed this bourbon and would recommend it to other bourbon drinkers. Even those of you who enjoy whiskey or even the scotches I think would enjoy this also. But I would not run out and pick this up on the first day you decide to start drinking bourbon. I paid a little more than I would have liked but again I am still enjoying the bottle.

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