Friday, July 4, 2014

Hello internet world!  I am back. I know no one missed me at this point. I am still just a rookie blogger, but this time around I am working on getting it right and will continue with this for the long haul.

Tonight is the 4th of July, and we had some fantastic NY Strip steaks. I have also broken out one of my recent purchases. Tonight we talk about Black Maple Hill. this is an exceptional bourbon, coming in at a tasty 95 proof. This one is strong but goes down smooth. A couple of details...

  • 95 proof
  • Sweet nose with a bit of corn and some maple
  • good mouth feel, light burn and smoot finish 
this is a decent drinker. 

Black Maple Hill is a bourbon that is a non-distiller produced bourbon (NDP). It is aged and blended in Kentucky then shipped to California. I am on my second pour and feeling good. This is a great bourbon, I believe it is distilled from Willet, but I could be wrong. Being a (NDP) this is usually kept on the DL so...

With or without ice this is a delight to drink. at $35-$40 a bottle, I think it is a good buy.

I hope if you have read this and tried this bourbon you will let me know what you thought.


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