Thursday, July 26, 2012

Buffalo Trace

As many of you may have already read in the Bourbon Review, Buffalo Trace has released the latest Colonel E.H. Taylor Bourbon. It is an uncut, barrel proof (134.5), and unfiltered Rye. This small batch was aged on the 6th floor of the Warehouse C that was built by the Colonel himself back in 1881. It has aged there for 7 years. This will be the 4th in the collection to be released over the coming years, along with Old Fashioned Sour Mash, Single Barrel, and Warehouse C Tornado Surviving Bourbon. It will be a limited release and pricing will be around $70. They have packaged it is a nice canister and old school label reminiscent of 100 years ago.

I hope to get my hands on a bottle to try myself. To date I have yet to see any in CT. I expect this will have to be an internet purchase. If anyone see’s this in New England please let me know.


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