Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Weekend at the Cape

This weekend we went up to my mom’s house on Cape Cod. The weather was great. High 70’s and sunny, we spent some time at the beach and the pool. But mostly we just all relaxed and ate. One this that I really enjoy when we go to the cape is steamers. I think it could be one of my top 10 favorite foods. But only in the summer. You can cook them with many different broths to give them slightly different flavors. I typically use water, garlic and butter. Sometimes I will add beer. But only if it is just for us, my mom isn’t a big fan of beer. So for our first course on Friday night we had steamers.
Next we had steamed lobsters. Oh how I love traditional New England foods. These little babies we delicious. They had the soft shells and we steamed them perfectly. 
There are many ways to cook steamers and lobsters. If you have the space, it is great to cook them in the ground with hot coals and seaweed. But for the sake of time and space we used steamer pots.

 Another fantastic weekend of eating.

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