Friday, August 31, 2012

The Kickin' Chickin'

Wild Turkey 81
81 proof
Austin Nichols Distillery, $20

Out for a stroll down the aisles of my local package store I decided to give the world the bird. So I grabbed a bottle of Wild Turkey 81 to see how this is. Back some years ago my roommate and I used to drink the 101, Rare breed and Russell’s Reserve, I still do and they are all great. But this time I felt like trying something that may not knock me silly after one glass. 

So in true Wild Turkey fashion I pulled the cork out with a pop and pour me a glass. This had the same look and smells of your Wild Turkey 101, but with a smidge less burn. I really enjoyed the taste of this also. I could close my eyes and know I was drinking Wild Turkey. As you know I drink my bourbon neat, but I did try this with ice also and it is very good.

I recommend this bourbon for those looking for a consistently good tasting bourbon that won’t put you in the gutter after a couple glasses and also is relatively cheap. Anyone who has had the kickin’ chickin’ knows this is not for beginners and should be enjoyed responsibly and with care.


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